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Partnership   |   Innovation   |   Focus   |   Commitment


We see each relationship with our clients as a partnership.


Innovation extends across all facets of business.


We believe a clear focus is fundamental to the delivery of strong risk-adjusted returns.


We started this firm with a commitment to ourselves, to our clients, and to the process itself.
We believe that the success of our business relies entirely on the quality of our long-term relationships, and that our firm is much more than simply a provider of investment products. Our company is 100% employee controlled, and as such, each member of our team is heavily invested in the firm's overall success. Our collective long-term interests are closely aligned with our investors in our company structure and in our financial commitment to our investment products. Our structure also plays an integral role in our ability to attract and retain key talent.
We meet our clients with open minds and with the purpose of understanding their needs and developing solutions that address their unique requirements. By listening to our clients and utilizing new and innovative financial structures, we are able to deliver tailored investment solutions that precisely match each of our clients' individual circumstances and unique tolerances for risk. We also believe that intellectual creativity and the depth and breadth of market knowledge at Napier Park is what underpins the strength of our investment team. We will continue to listen to our clients and develop effective ways to satisfy their investment needs.
On a sustainable basis, our strength comes from investment specialization and from the additional insights and enhanced market knowledge that a focused expertise brings. Moreover, our investment culture has been designed to reinforce this focus. It ensures that the investment professionals charged with managing our clients' capital are well supported and able to maximize their skill sets and talents.
Since we are 100% employee controlled and each Napier Park employee is individually committed to the success of the firm, we are committed to building a sustainable and successful company that will be able to partner with our clients for the long-term. We are also dedicated to fostering an environment which attracts and retains the best employees, and which supports and rewards creativity, focus, and teamwork.